Top 7 Competitive Intelligence Tools to Advanced Market Research

September 19, 2021

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Competitive intelligence tools are a great way to make custom market research a routine practice for small and medium-sized businesses.

For such companies, hiring a separate analyst and ordering a state of a report can be burdensome. The best competitor research solutions could end up being a great alternative.

This article has assembled a list of top tools for market research and competitor analysis online. These tools can provide insight into your competitors, help you collect marketing growth ideas, and ultimately help you achieve your company’s goals.

Tools for top-level market research

Competitive Landscape

The target market encompasses more than the people you wish to reach. Your success is influenced by the key players in your competitive landscape, which includes established and new businesses find more.

Therefore, it is important to not only study the market size and customer segments but also understand each business that wants to be better than you.

This research can be done quickly and efficiently using three competitive intelligence tools:


Crunchbase allows you to access information about private and public companies. You can also review industry and market trends and spot newcomers in your space.

Crunchbase allows you to evaluate data from competitors that you already know.

You can also use filters to explore the landscape beyond your own region and industry.


Craft gives you historical insight into companies. Craft allows you to see how your competitor has grown and gained market share, including their social presence and growth over time.

Furthermore, the market research tool provides a snapshot of the company in real time.

Semrush Market Explorer

To start exploring the entire market, all you need is a company’s site to use the market analysis tool by Semrush. Market Explorer will set the industry players and the organic competitors for you when you enter the domain.

Based on the size of their audience and growth rate, suggested rivals are divided into four categories within the Growth Quadrant.

Semrush Market Explorer provides more detailed information about competitors’ traffic statistics, market trends and audience characteristics.

Market Trends

Timing is everything in business. Communicating effectively with the market requires that you keep up with changing market trends and market seasonality.

To plan the most effective strategies for delivering the best message to the right people at the right time, you must constantly monitor and measure shifts in user preferences. You can identify them by looking at what other brands have published on relevant topics to your offer. These tools will help you to research market trends:

Google Alerts

You can use the search engine’s tool to monitor the internet for new content on any topic, from your business’s area of expertise to entertainment or general interests. Google Alerts can be used to track what is being said about your product category, brand or competitors.

Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts functions in the same way as Google’s. The results include tweets which can further expand the insight you can derive.

It has built-in analytics that can filter out the most important mentions and send them to your email address to avoid alert overload.

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