Shelf Tags — That which you Have to know Prior to Purchasing All of them

October 24, 2021

In several shops, you would have seen a tag or sticker next to every product displayed for customers to spot the item and also get more details regarding the product. They show the accurate price to the customers. You are able to avail of various kinds of shelf tags for the retailing purposes. These vary in size and color and also in what’s printed on it.

You should buy the plastic or vinyl shelf tags which are extremely convenient to install and tighten and are available in various sizes. The smaller ones are fit for small attachments while the bigger ones can be utilized for uprights, equipment and parts. These tags can be connected to wire racks and baskets. You may also hang bar codes and product data on freezer racks. These can be bought blank and then marked or you could have pre-printed identification cards from various online shops.

Other forms of shelf tags are the magnetic and adhesive mounts which may be applied to shelves, racks and so on. These are perfect for warehousing and retail applications. You are able to customize these tags with labels and lettering such that it provides the whole solution pricer digital tags. Shelf tags can also be bought in the form of metal shelving sign holder clips that are capable of holding signs three ways – flush up, flush down or flag positions. They easily clip into the conventional metal gondola style shelving.

It can be really tricky and time-consuming for you to keep changing the prices of products, but this can be a necessity in the retail environment. Hours of labor need to get into keeping all the prices up-to-date and accurate. Electronic Shelf Labels or electronic shelf tags are the best solutions and you can avail of those solutions from many online dealers.

This ESL system uses RFID based LCD displays which are mounted on store shelves and identify these products and their prices. This can help in enabling immediate shelf-side updates of the product. It can be managed from a distant location. The electronic shelf tags work with a RF portable scanner and could be easily installed by scanning the barcode on the electronic label and then on the product. This creates a link between the item and the ESL and the existing price is reflected.

These electronic shelf labels can also be useful for displaying real-time information. These records could be accessed by pressing a hidden button on the ESL. When any product is out-of-stock, labels could be placed in the out-of-stock condition and this makes the ESL display the message. After restocking, the price display could be easily restored.

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