Make it rich in Who Wants To Be the Millionaire Megaways!

October 4, 2021

The roaring applause of the crowd have begun. The curtain has been unveiled the most exciting show of all time. Gentlemen and ladies, we warmly welcome you to Who Would Like to Be the Millionaire Megaways! Are you looking to become the richest man in the world today? Don’t worry, as you can be the winner of an amount that is 50 times the stake you stake!

When the questions are answered There’s no way back! Are you willing to take a an opportunity and put yourself on the front row of the slot88 machine? This is the time to spin the wheel and deposit the awe-inspiring cash prizes into your pockets today!

Who Wants to Be the Millionaire game is six-reel game with 117,649 chances to win. It offers an RTP of 96.24 percent. Take part in the fun and collect lucky symbols on the reels now!

Are you aspiring to be millionaire, so it’s too

You can be the star of this show right now! The spotlight is focused on you. You can bet the minimum amount of 0.20 credits or , if you’re sure that you’ll hit the jackpot, place a bet of the maximum amount in 20 credits.

Low-paying symbols

Each symbol has the same payouts, which will be deposited into your pockets instantly when you have them landing 3 at a time or greater on your reels. When playing this slot machine, you’ll imagine yourself as if you were playing the infamous television show of the similar name.

The low-paying symbols are the form of 9,10 J, Q, K, and A. Each sparkling symbol on the reels an effect on your winnings! Take advantage of them and experience huge wins right now.

When you have three identical symbols from 9 each, you’ll earn 0.1x the stake. If you’re fortunate enough to receive 4 identical symbols, you’ll be awarded in the form of 0.2x the stake! If you’re lucky enough to score more than four, you could be able to expect an amount of 0.8x the stake.

Make a bet today and win a 10! Get three symbols on your reels, and receive 0.15x you stake. You will be rewarded with 0.25x your stake after you’ve got four symbols! The odds are in your favor in the event that you land five identical symbols as you’ll get 0.5x you stake! You can spin six symbols on your reels to receive a lucrative winnings that is 0.9x your stake!

The hot seat is growing hotter and hotter. Get your game on the move by landing the J which is worth 0.15x your stake when you get three or more on the reels. It also pays the sum in the range of 0.25x the stake when you land four identical symbols. You can win 1x your stake after hitting the same J symbol on your reels!

High-paying symbols

Do not let the fire die out in your. Find all low-paying symbols on the reels, so you can progress to the next level to win! Every stage of the game is thrilling and this game ensures that your future will only get more brighter once you get the lucrative symbols that pay!

The highest-paying symbols of the game include Green Gem, Blue Gem and Gem, Red Gem as well as Purple Diamond. Be on the lookout for these symbols that land on the reels as they will definitely alter your life right now!

Similar to the natural colour Take this Green Gem symbol on the reels three times for a an opportunity to take home 0.25x the stake. Make the right bets on four identical symbols to earn 0.5x your stake payout! You can earn more cash when you land them 5 times, earning 0.75x your stake. An astounding 2x stake waiting for you when you hit Green Gem symbols six in a row on the machine!

Take the Purple Diamond 3 times on the reels and earn with 5x the stake. If you win then, rejoice because you’ll earn 10x your stake! The rewards don’t end there, as stunning as this gem of purple is it is possible to earn 50 times your stake when you get six identical symbols on the reels of Who Would Like to be a Millionaire slot88 game!

Free Spins

The game is just a way to spice up your winnings, and more! Apart from 117,649 opportunities to win, you will also enjoy 50 free spins if you get 3 or more scatters in the game’s reels!

This feature can be activated to unleash the genius within you! Choose the correct answer from A B, C, and D. Then, you’ll wish the correct answer falls on the letter you have bet on.

Lifeline feature

Need assistance? Do not worry, as with the classic TV show that has the identical title Who Would Like to be a Millionaire, you are able to activate three lifesavers in this game such as 50:50, Call a Friend , and ask the audience.

In 50:50 the majority or more of incorrect choices are eliminated that narrows your options and improves your odds of winning!

However there is no one who doesn’t require help from a trusted friend, right? You can Phone a Friend because it is likely to reveal the solution.

If you decide to ask the audience questions the audience, the odds of getting the answer are exposed. This helps you pick the right answers. Who could be sure that with one click you’ll be the richest man on earth!

Enjoy the most from both in Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Get started now and have an opportunity to get 50,000x your stake Who Wants To Be the Millionaire slot game by Microgaming. Enjoy a memorable celebration with a visit to Larry the Leprechaun at his home and letting your name be placed on the Queens of Glory today! Explore more of the games you enjoy on Slots.

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