Commercial Truck Painting Has Many Advantages for Your Business

October 4, 2021

The Fast Action Body Repair commercial truck painting job on your fleet is a major component of your company’s image and reputation. Think of all the popular brands you recognize due to their distinctive look of their vehicle body. Painting a commercial truck will certainly give your new semi truck a new and refreshed appearance, which creates great recognition and overall value long after your delivery is complete.

There are many types of commercial truck painting jobs, some requiring minor repairs and others requiring extensive preparation and repairs. For instance, your new Ford Ranger is in need of brake repair before it leaves the dealership. In this case, the repair is most likely going to come from a professional collision repair shop. When you hire a collision repair shop to perform the brake repair, you are ensuring that the job will be done by a trained and experienced technician who has experience with these types of vehicles. If you had left the brake job to someone unqualified, you would be opening yourself up for major expenses and possible faulty repair.

A similar situation occurs when you have a brand new Mercedes Benz in need of body shop repair. In this case, the body shop technician is most likely going to recommend to you to bring your vehicle in to have a small cosmetic repair done to your vehicle. In many instances, these small touch ups don’t require any type of major repairs. However, sometimes these little things add up to significant savings later. For example, if you didn’t replace the seat covers when they were stolen, you may never discover that you spent money on the seat covers if you didn’t get them replaced.

If you own a business that relies on large fleets of trucks, your risk of having your vehicle’s exterior damaged due to faulty products will increase dramatically. While there’s always room for improvement, there’s also room for risk. Insurance companies are offering very competitive rates for these types of coverages now. The reason for this is because it’s more difficult for an insurer to sustain loss with a large fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles because of their size, weight, and associated risks. Insurance companies know that if you have a large fleet, you can expect to have a higher loss ratio, which is why they’re passing on higher premiums to the drivers of these large vehicles.

Paint jobs for commercial vehicles don’t have to be rushed because of a deadline. You can carefully select your paints and complete all of your work early, leaving little or no time for a paint line or other damage to occur. Most painters start by spraying a thin layer of paint over a sturdy surface like metal to mimic the appearance of a freshly painted surface. After that, they’ll go over the entire surface with a fine grit sandpaper until everything looks as good as new.

If you decide to hire an outside company for your commercial vehicle painting needs, make sure they use quality products and methods. Make sure they use the right grade of paint, and ask for examples of past work that they have completed for other companies. It’s also a good idea to ask them about the number of years of experience that they have in truck painting before taking them on. Any experienced painters should be able to provide you with references you can call to verify their expertise.

Another way to ensure that your trucks are properly protected during the process is to make sure that they’re equipped with safety features that will protect your investment. One of these features is an air bag in your truck’s driver’s compartment. Air bags will prevent excessive damage to your vehicles paint job should it happen. These air bags inflate in time to cushion the impact of a crash, reducing the likelihood of serious damage occurring. There are many different sizes, so check yours to make sure that it fits your particular make and model. Most large trucks come standard with air bags, but new trucks are being introduced that may have a larger size available as part of their standard equipment.

Painting your commercial trucks yourself will reduce your overall costs because you won’t need to pay for an outside painting company to do it for you. It will also help to increase your profits since you won’t need to purchase paint and the chemicals needed to apply it. These savings will start to add up very soon, especially if you have a lot of trucks on your fleet. If you’re business is growing, or you just want to bring it down a notch then hiring professionals to do your paint work may be the best move you can make for your business. It’s true that you’ll have to invest some money upfront, but over the long run you’ll see a return on your investment that will be more than enough to justify the cost of hiring professional painters.

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